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Contributor Information Date
Walter Wilde Various pictures from his days at Sun.  Working now for Maritrans as AB. 5/16/05
Dwaine Gordon Misc. Pictures - many pictures of the famous Sun Station Softball game 7/6/05
Robert L. McBride "Bob" Collection of photos documenting his days and friends at Sun 11/1/05
Kevin Vinson Few pictures from Kevin's personal photo album 3/8/06
Mark Whittington Couple of pictures from Mark's collection 3/29/07
Tom Millet Pictures from the Allegiance (New York Sun) making her last grain run  4/4/09
John Curdy Pictures from his trips aboard the Delaware Sun (1974) and Western Sun (1975) 4/4/09
Butch Kates Sun Transport Reunion held at Tom Lamm's home on Sept. 25, 2010 9/25/10
Denise Kates Denise came out to Portland, OR in 1984 for the Philadelphia Sun's Shipyard period. 9/27/10
Captain Joseph Bolick Capt. Bolick sent me pictures of the his days on the New York Sun 1/22/11
Mark & Mary Ellen Finucane Mark and Mary Ellen's Photo's 8/12/11
Chris Croteau Chris Croteau sent me a few pictures from his days at Sun 1/30/12
Jim McClain Pictures of Dynafuel crew at Captain Pedersen's award party 1/30/12
Tom Lamm Collection of photo's from Tommy covering many years of employment at Sun Transport 5/22/12
Tom Newburn Collection of Photos Tom sent to me 1/7/15
Miscellaneous Photos Misc. photos I have not categorized yet, but make them available Updated 9/26/10

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