Sun Oil Company Marine History
In the early 60's, Sun handed out a employee handbook with the history of the Sun Marine Department to that date. Click this file link:
As printed in a mid 80's Sun Transport hand-out:
Sun Transport/Sun Company: A Growing Heritage
The heritage of Sun Transport, Inc. is a proud history of shipping service dating to the dawn of the 20th Century and the modern petroleum industry.
That heritage dates to 1902. Crude is gushing from the world's greatest oil discovery, the Spindletop Field of East Texas. Meanwhile, 1750 mile to the northeast on the Delaware River at Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, Sun Company is completing construction of it's new refinery. Recognizing the need to establish the most efficient means of transportation between the two points, Sun creates a marine department.
For its first vessel, the department acquires the Steam Ship Paraguay, built two years earlier as a Great Lakes ore carrier. Refitted under department supervision, the ship is converted into a tanker. On March 20, 1902, the SS Paraguay steams up the Delaware River with it's first cargo of Texas crude.
And thus was launched the predecessor organization of Sun Transport, reconfigured in 1979 as wholly owned operating subsidiary of Sun Company.
The legacy of Sun Transport is one of leadership in fleet management and service, technological innovation, shipping safety and concern for our employees.
In 1920 we put into service the first tanker ship ever to provide individual living accommodations for all crewmembers. In the same year, Sun -designed cargo venting launched a new era in shipping safety, further improved in the 1930's when inert gas systems were installed in all Sun tankers.
By the end of the decade, Sun would be called upon by the United States government to design the all-welded T-2 tanker, to become the backbone of the U.S. tankship fleet in World War 2.
In two world wars, Sun tankers voyaged time after time under enemy fire to deliver vitally needed petroleum products to American and allied troops. Enemy torpedoes sent seven Sun ships to the bottom with a loss of 141 Sun seamen.
Much else has happened since that first shipment of Texas crude reached Marcus Hook. Today, Sun Transport's fleet of inter-ocean and coastal cariers serves Sun Company's marine transportation needs. Our vessels are also moving crude oil, petroleum products and petrochemicals around the world for a growing number of other customers.

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