S.S. Paraguay
Shipyard: American Ship Building Co Location: Lorain, Ohio
Keel Laid:   Time on Ways (M/D):  
Date Delivered: 12/1900 Time in Wet Basin (M/D):  
Total Time Bldg.:   Promised Delivery Date:  
D.W.T.: 2201 Propulsion:  
H.P.:   Speed: 10 knots
Sponsor:   Delivery Price:  
Bbls. Capacity: 18,000    
Previous Owner: A.B. Wolvin      International S.S.Co , Cleveland Previous Name:  
Date Purchased: 1901
Date Sold: 1927
Subsequent Owner: Costi Xydia and Sons G.Paramithioti Subsequent Name:
 Length Ft.:  Beam Ft.: 42
 Depth Ft.:    
ON Number: 2150880    
History and Notes:
The S.S. Paraguay started its life as a Great Lakes ore carrier in 1900. The owner of the ship, A.B. Wolvin, sold the vessel because freight rates had been declining. Sun Oil converted the ship into its first oil tanker. On March 20, 1902, the S.S. Paraguay arrived at Marcus Hook with it's first load of Texas Crude. Between 1902 and 1924 the ship sailed regularly between Marcus Hook and Texas, and made two trips across the Atlantic. As tankers grew in capacity the 242' Paraguay was being outclassed. In 1927 Sun sold the Paraguay to Costi Xydia and Sons, who renamed the ship the, Kyzikos.
The Kyzikos left Baltimore on her maiden voyage, fully loaded with crude oil destined for Spain. Upon reaching the sea, she was caught in a heavy gale; she drifted southward, taking on large quantities of water after rupturing her aged hull. On December 3rd 1927 a distress signal was transmitted. Ships were dispatched with no success is finding the vessel. Eventually, she lost all power and became helpless to the pounding seas. The grounding on the shoals off Kill Devil Hills broke the vessel in half. At one point some crew were drifting on the bow section as the stern section bounced towards shore also carrying crewmembers. The morning of December 4th, 1927, coast guard surf men spotted the Kyzikos and began rescuing the men with no loss of life.
The Kyzikos rests just offshore of Kill Devil Hills at Mile Marker 7. This site is very popular with scuba divers. Known as part of the "Triangle Wreck," the site consists of three parts: the stem of the Kyzikos, the entire hulk of the Carl Gerhard and the bow of the Kyzikos, forming the three legs of a triangle. The bow of the Kyzikos and Carl Gerhard lie in the surf zone at a depth of about 15'; the stern section lies in 20' of water. Nothing remains above water to mark the site although at low tide the surface is within inches of the top of the stern section. Most easily discernible in the stern section of the Kyzikos is the huge quadruple expansion engine.

Subsequent History:

1902 converted to tanker, 1909 lengthened to 292', 2627gt, 1927 KYZIKES, wrecked Kitty Hawk, near Cape Hatteras 12/04/1927


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