M.S. Pennsylvania Sun
M.S. Pennsylvania Sun on 7/31/38: From the Collection of Dave Boone
M.S. Pennsylvania Sun on 6/8/41: From the Collection of Dave Boone
Sun Ship Hull #:  168 Contract Date: 3/1/1937
Keel Laid: 8/9/1937 Time on Ways (M/D):  9/1
Date Delivered: 7/13/1938 Time in Wet Basin (M/D): 1/23
Total Time Bldg.: 10/24 Promised Delivery Date: 6/15/1938
D.W.T.:  17870 Propulsion:  diesel
H.P.: 7200 Speed: 14 knots
Sponsor:  MISS MARY C. PEW Delivery Price:  
Bbls. Capacity: 157248 Launch Date: 5/20/1938
Previous Owner:   Previous Name:  
Date Purchased:   Date Sold:
Subsequent Owner:  D.Oltmann & Co Subsequent Name:  Stephanitor
 Length: 521'   Beam: 70'
 Depth: 40'  Class:  LLOYDS/ABS
ON Number: 237658 USMC Hull Number: 7578
 Subsequent History:  [1960 cv to ore carrier, 11664gt] - 55 STEPHANITOR
Disposal Data:  Broken up La Spezia on 02/15/1963

MS Pennsylvania Sun
Burning after she was torpedoed by the German Submarine U-571 about 125 miles west of Key West, Florida, on 15 July 1942.  Photographed from a Naval Air Station, Key West, aircraft.
Pennsylvania Sun was saved and returned to service, but not without the loss of life.

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