This page recognizes the individuals or companies that have contributed material, pictures, stories and their knowledge for this web page.

I would like to pass on a sincere "Thank You" to everyone who has helped me make this site happen!


Contributor Information Date
Dwaine Gordon Mediterranean Sun information

Added photo album.



Robert R. Frump Story: Bringing the Mediterranean Sun to Marcus Hook

Contributor's website:

William "John" Curdy Miscellaneous information about Sun Marine, including pictures, articles and newsprint.  Also have his photo album of his trips aboard the Delaware and Western Sun Numerous contributions
Jeff Cameron Nordic Sun and Chippewa pictures.  

Contributor's website:

Walter Wilde Photo album 5/16/05
Auke Visser Information on foreign flagged Atlantic and Pacific Sun.  Has 2 interesting websites he maintains: and 9/17/05
Harry Ventin Sun Transport brochure 3/28/08
Dan Owen Dan supplied some photos of the tugs: Chesapeake Sun, New England Sun and New Jersey Sun.  Visit his website: Boat Photo Museum or contact him: for copies. 7/17/08

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