What's new on the website?
This page is a chronological look at the direction and additions to this site.
Date: Brief Description:
1/7/15 Added Photo Collection from Tom Newburn
08/30/14 Pictures from 2014 reunion and corrected a link for Tim Colton's Sun Shipbuilding reference website.
10/30/13 Sadly enough, the most work I need to update on the website is all the FWE entries... 
10/30/13 Updated with M.S. Passaic Sun page with aerial photo's obtained from Danny Edling of the NYPD Aviation Unit.
10/30/13 Updated the MS Western Sun page with the help of David Kavanagh (http://www.sunship.org/)
10/23/13 Here we go...  I have not updated the website in a long time (to long).  First new item is a Reunion's Button and page with information on past and future Reunions!
5/23/12 Tom Lamm let me borrow his photo albums for a couple of months and I have finally gotten the pictures up on the website.  About 200 pic's!
1/30/12 Jim McClain sent me some pictures from Captan Pedersen,award party.
1/30/12 Have a bunch of stuff to put up on website and will try and sit down and get it done.  First item is an album of pictures from Chris Croteau.
8/12/11 Mark and Mary Ellen gave me a ton of photo's during the last Sun Transport Reunion.  Finally got them up on the website...
1/22/11 Captain Bolick sent me some pictures and been posted in the Album page.
9/27/10 Denise visited me in Portland, Oregon during the Philadelphia Sun's shipyard period at Dillingham shipyard in 1984.
9/25/10 Sun Transport Reunion pictures posted.  Thanks Tom for hosting a wonderful event!
4/4/09 Like always... added more obituaries.  Thanks Harvey for getting these to me.  Cleaned up the home page and added a "featured new photo" and a Facebook link.  Also added two new photo albums, Tom Millets and John Curdy's.
1/17/09 Placed the story by Hal Shelton; "Solving a wartime mystery: The search for the SS Chester Sun" on the website.  It is on the M.S. Chester Sun page.
1/17/09 Updated the Links page.  Found that there were many dead links.  The old merchant marine websites are just not surviving.  On the other hand, the Fleetsheet Website is now 6 years old...    
1/16/09 Added a few to many new obituaries.  They can be found on the Finished with Engines page.
7/17/08 Dan Owen supplied some photos of the tugs: Chesapeake Sun, New England Sun and New Jersey Sun.  Visit his website: Boat Photo Museum or contact him: BoatPhotos@mindspring.com for copies.
12/22/06 Deleted the forum and installed a User's Group in it's place.  The forum was hit by spammer's all the time and nothing but a headache.  Let's see if the user's group does any better.  
3/8/06 Added Kevin Vinson's photo album
2/8/06 Dave Boone (www.tugboatpainter.net) supplied a very large quantity of photographs of Sun vessels!  This is a very large contribution and is greatly appreciated!
1/28/06 Home from another tour at sea...  Winter time is the perfect time to play with the site.  The newest toy is a forum.  Not sure about the format, but I wanted to get something like this up for some time.  I will keep everyone up to date on my additions.
11/1/05 Added Bob McBrides photo album - 66 great photos of the good ole' days!
10/5/05 Made a contact with  Auke Visser, in Holland, who supplied information about the foreign fleet Atlantic and Pacific Sun.  He also sent me other misc. information.
7/6/05 Added Dwaine Grodon's photo album
5/16/05 Added Walter Wilde's photo album
5/6/05 Added a contributors page and photo album page.  Looking for contributor's of pictures and information!
2/4/05 Revised the ship's list to include all (????) the sun ships.  Changed a few button icons.
12/15/04 Adding bits and pieces here and there...  Put an AOL Instant Messenger link on the main page.  Have any comments, stuff to share or just talk a few minutes, click on "send message" and see if I'm online.  Buddy name - "fleetsheetchief"
12/13/04 Added Memorial dedication handout and two articles by Tom Baldwin
12/12/04 Added Foreign Fleet button and eliminated welcome page (streamlined)
7/24/04 Summer time is a tough time to sit inside and hack at the computer.  Just a couple of things have been updated and added.
3/9/04 Uploaded new pictures of monument.
2/26/04 Set-up guest book through 1&1 site.  It's not great but I prefer that your email address is protected from a "free" service (which I used before).
2/25/04 Started working on site again.  Will get the word out soon!
2/12/04 Obtained domain: www.fleetsheet.com
11/20/03 Obtained free server space from:  www.1and1.com  What a deal!
2/3/03 Wrapped up site before heading back to work.
1/1/03 Site uploaded for the first time.  It is a lot of work!

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